How to become incontinent

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How to become incontinent

  • 2016-12-11
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Incontinence desires is a topic that has been discussed for lots of years. Today we have a lot of people who did achieve their goal successfully, however everyone who achieved this had their unique way for their goal. We will try to get more into details on this topic and share some experiences and tips on becoming incontinent.

Firstly I will talk about the most popular method of just doing it. There are lots of people who have succeeded in becoming incontinent and diaper dependent using this method, on the other hand there are lots of people who cannot reach incontinence by using this method. For the most part you have to be a pretty relaxed person, but the main thing here is patience and responsibility. You will definitely need patience as the results come slowly, but once they come they become really fast. We are talking about 6-18months here. You have to start by wearing diapers 24/7, everywhere, everyday and keeping the bladder muscles relaxed. That means even if you are in a situation where you cannot use your diaper, you still have to use it. This is a sort of psychological barrier where you must understand that there are not really too many people who care that you wear diapers, once you are able to go over it you will not have any problems using the diaper. One of the most important parts are that you must feel when your muscles are relaxed, you must keep them totally relaxed, every single time you close your bladder sphincter you get backwards in progress. Becoming incontinent is definitely not an easy work. After trying this I can report that I have reached some results within the first month.

Do you really want to become incontinent is an important question. I must report a case when one person successfully became incontinent by just letting go. At first when he got some results he was pretty happy as it was something he worked towards for months. At around 8months into the program he started to lose control and one day he needed to stay out of diapers, but he soon realised that there is a flow going down his pants, he had to wear protection, not because he wanted to, because he needed to, however he reached his goal, he became incontinent so he was happy. Some 12 months into the program he totally lost control and started to dribble to his diaper. At this point he was not able to be dry for a minute and started to lose his sexual life, his girlfriend was supportive about this, but he started to feel bad himself, because it was hard to have dry sex, he had to wear diapers. His social life started to go down, he started to close inside, that is something people may experience. At this point he went to the doctor and needed nearly one year to retrain and have control again.

Become incontinent with catheter or stents are great to become incontinent temporary and it is best thing to try, though quite a dangerous one. There are lots of people who uses catheters, stents daily. The most simple way is to get a foley catheter (which we will offer in our shop soon), distilled water to inflate the balloon. If using this method you must be really careful with hygiene. Do not touch the catheter with hands. For an average person the best size is 14-16FR. Once you get all the stuff needed, pee a little to lubricate and start inserting the catheter slowly, be gentle and do not do it too fast. Once you will reach the bladder some pee will come out, at this point you should inflate the balloon. Do not inflate it too much, then you will feel pressure and it will be harder to take the catheter out. It is recommended to use medicinal tape to tape the catheter to your penis so it would not move too much. Get into diapers. If you use a 14FR catheter, normally there will be a chance that some pee will come through sides, when you want to remove the catheter try to push some pee. It will help to lubricate the catheter and it will be easier to get it out. Becoming incontinent by using a stent is quite the same process. If you can share your stent instructions, please tell us.

Become incontinent by using hypnosis. There are some people who report that they were successful when using hypnosis, but that is probably under 1 percent of people who tried it. Normally this would not work, you should not put too much effort in it.

In the end I think that to become incontinent or not to is everyone's personal choice and it should not be criticised. Remember that fetish and desires should not be the goal of your life. Stay diapered folks.

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