Feel the most wet adult diaper in the world

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Feel the most wet adult diaper in the world

  • 2017-01-08
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Have you ever wanted to be in an amazingly wet diaper? Well there is one way without waiting.

You will need three adult diapers and a shower or a bath. To feel this amazing experience you need to cut the plastic in two of the adult diapers so the wetness would be able to come out. Take one diaper that has the plastic cut open and put it on, now take the second one that has plastic cut open and put it on. Right now you should put on the diaper that is not cut. You can even try to add some plastic pants to this.

If you have a bath, fill it up with water, but not fully. Fill half of the bath with water and jump in! Adult diapers will soon start to absorb the water and they will grow bigger and bigger making you feel amazing. If you have a shower, step into it, take the head of the shower, put it into your diapers, fill them with water (be sure to test the water to be warm, you do not want cold water there). If you have plastic pants, get them on and try to walk around than have a seat and you will immediately feel the very wet diaper under your but.

By using this you can enjoy very wet diapers without any smell. When putting on the diapers, do not put them really tight!

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