Become bowel incontinent using marshmallow method and try a hollow buttplug

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Become bowel incontinent using marshmallow method and try a hollow buttplug

  • 2017-01-05
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Today we are going to talk about experiencing bowel incontinence. This method of becoming incontinent is definitely not new, but we will add some extras to it. By doing everything right you will experience some really nice feeling.

Thing that you will need:

  • Marshmallows (any supmermarket)
  • Enema(optional)
  • Maxi Pad(optional)
You probably think why would you need a maxi pad for this method, this will be explained later. This method has 2 options, with blockage and without blockage. The method is very basic, we shall start.

Firstly get some marshmallows out of the package, it depends on the size of the mess you really want. On average I use 7-10 pieces. Take one marshmallow, put in under some running water for a few seconds, get some liquid soap on it and it will easily slide up your butt. You should relax your anus before putting anything there. Repeat this with the desired count of marshmallows. At this point you can apply a milk, water or any other enema, however this is optional, it would make a bigger mess. Another optional thing is a Maxi pad. If you want some amazing experience, you can try this. Normally I take one of my Maxi pads, roll it into a roll with the plastic side inside the roll and the cloth side outside. Make it absorb some water, not a lot, soap it or use some lubricant and get it up your butt. This must be the last step! The Maxi pad will absorb the enema or other liquid and it will act as a block. At this point the marshmallows in your butt are becoming softer, the pressure is building up and you will definitely want to release it all, but you are not able to do it as the Maxi pad is blocking your butt. The pressure will build and at some point your anus will give up and let it go, the mess including the pad will sky rocket out of your butt making you feel amazing.

If you want to experience normal bowel incontinence you should not use the pad. Just do all the steps above. After completing them, be sure to have an adult diaper near you. I wear Goodnites everyday, but for this you should use a premium adult diaper, I normally use Tena Slip.

You can add a hollow butt plug to this method. You will not have any sense that you are messing yourself.

Robert 2017-09-14 09:22

I want to try this. But I want a girl to do it for me if that's is even possible. I want to know what that would feel like and how many marshmallows can u put in ur butt? Could I do a hole bag?

Chloe 2017-09-15 09:55

I guess you would hardly be able to hold so much, the maximum I was able to do was 10 (quite big) and it was quite painful to hold!

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